One of the best local Australian bands around every song on the album is amazing ”

— Greg Bryant- Aussie music show Macarthur FM


Great album!!...and a great muso”

— Paul Ubana Jones

"The Humming Sea" is the acoustic project of songwriter       Matt Sinclair (Speak sister easy, Omekafalconburn) based in the "echoing steel city" of Wollongong, Australia. With a raging 1970's Martin guitar and technique reminiscent  of the great English folk players of the 60's (Jansch, Drake, and co) coupled to lyrics informed by keen social observation ala Gil Scot Heron, "The Humming Sea" deconstructs folk music and rebuilds it for the information age. The Humming Sea debut album is out now!

Matt started playing guitar at age 13, originally being influenced by the "Hair Metal" guitarists of the day (he still has a soft spot for Ozzy) though it wasn't until years later, after traveling and experiencing a little too much of life's complexities that he started composing music and writing lyrics. With influences ranging from; psychedelic West African funk, Joan Baez, Judas Priest, Roger Whitacker, John Martyn, Gil Scott-Heron, Paul Ubana Jones, NWA, Tool, Donna Summer, John Coltrane, Adam Gibson, Suzanne Vega.... it's hard to imagine how this all fits in with an acoustic singer/songwriter, but it does and creates a style which is undoubtedly unique and powerful.